A future for farming and food

What will the world of farming and food look like in 2050? It is becoming harder to predict. But one thing is clear: we need to prepare for a new approach to agriculture. An approach that delivers not only food, but also on the many other expectations of society: e.g. clean water, clean air, room for biodiversity, climate neutrality. An approach that is ready for the many shocks that are becoming the norm, rather than the exception: bio-physical shocks, such as droughts, flooding, heat, frost, and socio-economic shocks, such as supply chain disruptions.

We see that many private- and public-sector initiatives are competing in the arena of sustainability: climate-smart agriculture, circularity, agro-ecology,regenerative agriculture, organic farming... Is it one of these approaches that holds the keys for a new future of farming and food? Or do they all bring their own merits in the search for the diversity of solutions that are needed for different continents, climates, soils, farmers, and cultures?

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About the Lighthouse Farm Academy

The Lighthouse Farm Academy (LHFA) is an accredited professional development program from Wageningen University & Research and the Global Network of Lighthouse Farms with the goal of advancing a global food system that is regenerative, equitable, and abundant.

Program participants will:

Who is this programme for?

  • Mid- to high-level professionals along the entire supply chain within the global food system
  • Professionals who can make change and set agendas towards a more sustainable food system (or are willing to make a change, but not sure what will be the right path in their specific situation)
  • The circle around the farmers (suppliers, banks, water boards, government, consultants etc.)
More information about the Lighthouse Farm Academy

A powerful collaboration

The Lighthouse Farm Academy is brought to you by Wageningen University & Research, one of the top-ranked universities in the world based in the Netherlands, and supported by leading field and industry experts, guaranteeing a premium accredited education with an international quality benchmark on your curriculum vitae.

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