Scientific articles

The following publications have been produced as part of the Global Network of Lighthouse Farms:

'Palopuro Agroecological Symbiosis': A pilot case study on local sustainable food and farming (Finland). (2016)

Ecological intensification by integrating biogas production into nutrient cycling: Modeling the case of Agroecological Symbiosis. (2019)

Complex rice systems to improve rice yield and yield stability in the face of variable weather conditions. (2018)

Inaugural speech Prof. Dr. Rogier Schulte. (2019)

Nested circularity in food systems: A Nordic caste study on connecting biomass, nutrient and energy flows from field scale to continent. (2020)

Co-creating Agroecological Symbioses (AES) for Sustainable Food System Networks. (2020)

Assessment of soil functions: An example of meeting competing National and International obligations by harnessing regional differences (2020)

Smart integration of food and bioenergy production delivers on multiple ecosystem services (2021)

Framework for integrated Ecosystem Services assessment of the costs and benefits of large scale landscape restoration illustrated with a case study in Mediterranean Spain (2021)

Current research on the ecosystem service potential of legume inclusive cropping systems in Europe: A review (2021)

Redefining the field to mobilize three-dimenional diversity and ecosystem services on the arable farm (2021)

Automating agroecology: how to design a farming robot without a monocultural mindset? (2022)

Learning from the future: mainstreaming disruptive solutions for the transition to sustainable food systems (2022)

Food-Energy Integration in Primary Production and Food Processing Results in a More Equal Distribution of Economic Value Across Regional Food Systems: Nordic Case Study from Circular Perspective (2022)

Identifying agroforestry characteristics for enhanced nutrient cycling potential in Brazil (2024)

Increasing complexity of agroforestry systems benefits nutrient cycling and mineral-associated organic carbon storage, in south-eastern Brazil (2024)

Articles in popular media

The following news articles have been published regarding the Global network of Lighthouse Farms:

Lighthouse Farms: Ready to meet the challenges of 2050

 by Rogier Schulte

Agroforestry blaast ontboste gebieden nieuw leven in by Maalke Baan

Professor Rogier Schulte on his lighthouse farms: 'I'm looking for farms that are ready for 2050' by Albert Sikkema‍

Royal couple visits WUR Lighthouse farm in Ireland via hologram Sustainable farmer light the way, issued in Wageningen World 03/2019

Devenish launches major European scientific research project on health from ‘Soil to Society’ by Heartland Project

Boeren uit de hele wereld als inspiratie voor andere boeren en studenten (Dutch only)

Festiviteiten ivm de inauguratie van prof Rogier Schulte, EKOLAND (Dutch only)

Austrian lighthouse farm on a mission to save our soils the EU Mission Board on Soil, Health and Food Security. Euronews

These farmers deserve supportWageningen World on Agroforestry Systems in Brasil (click here for Dutch)

Countryside, The Future, A UN75 Dialogue in partnership with The Guggenheim with Lenora Ditzler on pixel farming

Stripcropping: social distancing for crops; In Irish Farmers Journal, monthly  columns by Rogier Schulte

Caviar farm powered by dairy cows; In Irish Farmers Journal, monthly  columns by Rogier Schulte

Harnessing the power of diversity; In Irish Farmers Journal, monthly  columns by Rogier Schulte

Navigating the labyrinth of sustainability; In Irish Farmers Journal, monthly  columns by Rogier Schulte

The only constant is change; In Irish Farmers Journal, monthly  columns by Rogier Schulte

Changing the narrative on climate smart agriculture ; In Irish Farmers Journal, monthly  columns by Rogier Schulte

Bringing life to the countryside is what brings the countryside to life In Irish Farmers Journal, monthly  columns by Rogier Schulte

Organic or not organic? That's not the question In Irish Farmers Journal,  monthly columns by Rogier Schulte