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AS Ziedi JP

Circular Economy

AS Ziedi JP in Latvia comprises of 4000 ha of land where 1000 dairy cows are being kept to produce biogas. Their biogas installation, which runs on slurry, generates 45 MW per day; the digestate is used as fertilizer. The surplus heat generated by the engine is used to warm up water, that is transported to the adjacent fish culture, producing eel and sturgeon caviar.

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About the farm

In 1991, Juris Pilveris took over the previously state owned farm and started the company AS Ziedi JP, now a family owned and run business. At the time of establishment, it only had 0.25 ha of land; the company has grown to more than 3000 ha of both rented and owned land under cultivation), with about 100 employees. AS Ziedi JP is an example of circular economy, where one segment’s products or waste serve as raw material for other business segments.

The company operates in the following segments: crop production, animal feedstuff production, dairy farming and beef cattle farming and sales, biogas operations from biomass, fish farming, services provision.

The Company has full material and intellectual capacity to ensure running of the business, from machinery and equipment to knowhow and management. Innovation is made possible through cooperation with scientists for new product development.

Who are we?

Irina Pilvere

Rector and Professor in Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies.

Uldis Pilveris

Son of the Company founder, Uldis is major shareholder and Member of the Council of AS Ziedi JP. Graduated as Agronomist/Farm Manager from Latvia University of Life Sciences and Technologies. His passion lies with beef cattle and biogas operation.

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