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ERF is a private organic agriculture company with a team of a small number of enthusiastic people. They strive daily to invest in a healthy, fertile Flevoland soil and to realize a large yield of tasty organic products.

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About the farm

B.V. ERF is the largest private organic farm in the Netherlands. Its cultivated surface constitutes about 1800 ha. ERF is growing around 20 organic arable and vegetable crops such as cereals, peas, spinach and beans. To combine landscape biodiversity and sustainable production, the company has started experimenting with various kinds of mixed cropping systems and crop diversity in time and space. One of the methods used is stripcropping.

The large production scale allows for the introduction of modern techniques in the cultivation as well as in the processing of the products. The production sites are mainly located at city borders.Therefore, citizens can witness food production without being burdened by the use of synthetic pesticides. The company plays a leading role in the development of sustainable food production. It experiments with various kinds of innovative mechanization and production techniques.

Who are we?

Jacob Burgers

Jaco Burgers is the director of ERF BV.

Roy Michielsen

Roy Michielsen as a staff member is responsiblefor the experiments with new cultivation techniques such as strip cropping and Agroforestry.

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