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Data-driven livestock-free organic farming

HEALTHY FOOD FOR EVERYONE As the only large-scale farm with its own in-house software development, LoginEKO is developing farm management software to help farmers efficiently manage all aspects of their farming operations from a user-friendly platform. They conduct thorough research in organic conditions, covering plant nutrition, crop rotation, plant protection and crop selection. This knowledge fuels their data-driven, low-input precision farming model, validated throughout their 3,700-hectare organically certified farm. This farm focuses on animal-free arable production, and grows a variety of products, such as pulses, small grains, and oil crops. As of 2023 their annual wholesale is 6,000 tons of organically produced crops – exclusively intended for human consumption.

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About the farm

Beginning as a small startup in 2018, with investments exceeding 64 million EUR to date, LoginEKO acquired more than 3,700 fertile hectares of land in Serbia. LoginEKO is led by its founder Samo Login, and is driven by the following vision: to provide healthy food for everyone. Samo Login’s journey started over a decade ago, when he began pondering Earth’s mistreatment, and the unsustainable depletion of natural resources. Upon divesting his stake in najdi.si, he realized the proceeds wouldn’t be sufficient to address climate change. Given his Central European origin, earning the required funds was more feasible than raising money through a non-profit. This led to the establishment of Outfit7, renowned for its “Talking Tom Cat” app. Seven years later, the company was sold for $1 billion, enabling him to pursue his initial vision.

Today, LoginEKO has grown into a diverse and dynamic team of more than 160 associates, including agronomists, food developers, and software engineers. Together, they are creating sustainable solutions for: sustainable farming, farming software, legislation, traceability, as well as developing new, plant-based foods. To facilitate the transition to a sustainable food system for generations to come, LoginEKO will freely share every part of their developed knowledge, software, and tools once they have been tested and proven effective.

Who are we?

Bringing together a variety of talents and expertise, their team ranges from agronomists, tractor operators, and field managers, to mechanization, storage & processing teams, drone operators, and traders. Internal controllers and traceability experts assure the integrity of their organic crops. Food scientists and developers create new, healthy foods, backed by researchers' insights. A collaborative effort among software architects, QA engineers, product managers, data quality scientists, data engineers, and software engineers results in innovative farming software. Legal advisors, corporate security, strategists, HR and marketing experts, real-estate and office managers, as well as accountants contribute to their collective effort.

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