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Organopónico Vivero Alamar

Organic Urban Garden

The Basic Unit of Cooperative Production Organopónico Vivero Alamar in Havana, Cuba, is one of the largest and most successful organic urban gardens. This highly productive farm of 11 ha and 150 cooperative members contributes to local development by supplying healthy food and providing employment especially for women and older people.

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About the farm

The Basic Unit of Cooperative Production “Organopónico Vivero Alamar” was founded in 1997 by five cooperative members, when the economy of Cuba was struggling with limited resources and there was an urgent need for food production. At the time, Alamar was a small tree nursery with an area of 800 m² irrigated manually. Gradually, the area and the workforce increased to 10.14 ha and 150 cooperative members, of which 42 are women.

The cooperative comprises a nursery that produces vegetables, fruit and timber plants; 0.45 ha of greenhouse; a rustic laboratory for the reproduction of entomopathogens; a center of reproduction of mycorrhizal fungi; and a small agro-industry transforming and preserving fruits and vegetables using simple techniques. In addition, they have an Organic Matter Center based on the manure of their livestock where earthworms, humus, compost, and special substrates are produced. Medicinal and aromatic herbs and plants are also produced.

Who are we?

Isis Maria Salcine Milla

Works in the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production “Organopónico Vivero Alamar" in Cuba from 1999. Agricultural Engineer (Agrarian University of Havana)

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