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Regenerative Agroforestry and Silvo-Pastoral Systems

Rizoma Agro is scaling regenerative organic agriculture by designing and implementing farming systems (agroforestry and organic grain crops) that sequester carbon from the atmosphere and restore biodiversity while being highly productive and profitable at the same time. Rizoma operates its own farms and also partners with other farmers. The company is already one of the largest organic citrus and grain producers in Brazil and supplies local and international clients.

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About the farm

Rizoma Agro is a Brazilian company pioneering in the field of regenerative agriculture. It was founded in 2018 as a spin-off of Fazenda da Toca, an international reference in sustainable agriculture and the largest organic egg producer in Brazil. Rizoma Agro is implementing large-scale agro forestry and silvo- pastoral systems for cattle, as well as producing regenerative organic grains.

The current agroforestry systems, located in Fazenda da Toca, are designed for citrus fruits and are not only more profitable than conventional citrus farms but also have a positive environmental impact: sequester carbon, enhance biodiversity and retain more water in the soil. These systems were researched and co-designed with leading authorities in tropical agriculture: since 2008 our team has been studying and developing organic farming practices and building the basis for large-scale regenerative agriculture.

The company builds, runs and replicates agricultural systems that produce profitable large-scale organic crops with a net positive impact on the environment. Crops are produced on Rizoma Agro’s own farms as well as through partner farmers to whom we provide know-how on production as well as commercialization, logistics, quality control and product traceability.

Who are we?

Pedro Paulo Diniz

Founder and CEO of Rizoma Agro. Founderand owner of Fazenda de Toca, Greentech Capital, Mani, Urban Remedy. Boardmember Peninsula Participações and Project Drawdown.

Fabio Sakamoto

Founder and COO of Rizoma Agro. Founderand Managing Director of 2+ Capital. Board member of Companhia Tradicional deComércio, Scalina (apparel manufacturer) and Frajo (cosmetics distribution).

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